The Precious Primavera Collection



     Primavera literally translates to Springtime, and Spring weddings are some of the loveliest; that time of year everything is new again. The harsh winters pass and new birds emerge, new critters explore, new buds are blooming. Lilies and Tulips are the best way to bring that feeling into your wedding, and The Precious Primavera Collection is bursting full of them! Lilies are handpainted, Tulips are deep and feathered; both appearing truly realistic. Two-toned Peperomia leaves combined with Spring berries offer a layered texture throughout each arrangement. The entire Collection is finished with a classic ivory crochet ribbon, with the bridal bouquet including a dainty bow and trailing tails. Featuring a flared glass vase for a gentle support to the bursting foliage and flowers of Springtime, this centrepiece will allow you to incorporate new life throughout your wedding décor. 

Featured Design Elements

Filler/Greenery:  Two-toned Peperomia, Spring Berries

Flowers:  Carnation, Tulip, Lily