The Peony Paradise Collection



    A top favourite among many people, Peonies have long represented romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honour, and compassion. Available fresh only in the month of June, this notorious wedding flower has been many brides’ disappointment when it comes time to select their wedding arrangements. The Peony Paradise Collection offers three different styles of Peonies, in any colour, 365 days a year! Flocked Lamb’s Ear and Dusty Millar greenery adds a soft touch to each and every arrangement. The bridal bouquet is tastefully finished with a charcoal ribbon wrapped handle and lovely textured charcoal crochet overlay, with the grey tones nicely complimenting the soft sage-coloured filler, so your Peonies will pop with the attention they deserve. The bridesmaid compliments the bride with a simple charcoal ribbon wrap, leaving the crochet details to dress up the bride. The corsage and wand each include three Peoninis (mini Peonies), finished with soft greenery for a very tasteful look. The centrepiece completes the look, showcasing your extraordinary Peony arrangement in a beautiful glass Genie Vase.

Featured Design Elements

Filler/Greenery:  Flocked Variegated Lamb’s Ear, Flocked Dusty Millar

Flowers:  Peony, Garden Rose (closed Peony), Peonini (mini Peony)