The Garden Boutique Collection



  Sometimes the simplest flowers can be the most eye catching! The Garden Boutique Collection introduces a just-picked look, using bright variegated Pothos greenery and a combination of every base flower in our reach. Spring Stars and Daisies add a gentle garden pop. Both bridal and bridesmaid bouquets are handle wrapped with a simple, natural seagrass rope. Twine wrap for the boutonnières and wand continue the simplicity, along with a single petite carnation and a few vibrant leaves for the wrist corsage. The centrepiece features a lovely gathering basket to incorporate your just-picked-garden look into your wedding décor.

Featured Design Elements

Filler/Greenery:  Variegated Pothos

Flowers:  Carnation, Dahlia, Mum, Rosie, Spring Star, Daisy