Everything Custom


Can I pick and choose every design element?

  Yes!  These costs include any design (according to their pricing category), any theme, up to five custom colours plus ivory, and any personal details you want to incorporate. You will have 100% control over fillers/greenery, flower selection, embellishments, handle wrap, everything.  Custom colours are submitted by providing paint chips or fabric swatches, so we have your exact colours in-hand when we dye your flowers.

  You are also welcome to submit inspiration photos!  Although we won't copy another artist's work, we will use your inspiration pics as a guide and incorporate similar design elements to give you an overall similar resemblance.

I'm not a floral designer, so how does this work?

 Once you've committed your quotation to an invoice, we will schedule a free design consultation where we will go over a series of simple and easy questions to help guide you through the design process, and allow you to make this order 100% custom and personalized just for you :) 

 Although it's always recommended to attend your design consultation in-person in our design studio, long distance orders are easy too!  We'll conduct your consult via simple chat conversation, where photos can be exchanged and the conversation can be looked back on if necessary.  We've completed weddings from coast to coast; Gander, Newfoundland to Fort McMurray, Alberta; and beyond!

You used to include preserved greenery. Can I still order that?

  Absolutely!  Preserved fillers are difficult to maintain for regular stock, but can be brought in as a special order just for you.  Preserved fillers are only available for custom orders, however.  There will be no substitutions or upgrades from faux fillers within our regular Collections catalogue.

  Guaranteed access to Baby Eucalyptus, Salal Leaves, Natural Baby's Breath.

  Other greens, such as Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, would need to be confirmed before they are guaranteed in your custom order.

How much notice do you need?

  All custom wedding orders must be submitted 90-120 days prior to your wedding date.  This allows time to complete your design consultation, bring in any specific design elements that are not regular stock, and produce your order without rushing through it.


Custom Bridal Bouquets:

Non-cascading: $250

Whimsical Cascading: $275

Traditional Cascading: $399

Custom Bridesmaid Bouquets: $100 ea

Custom Boutonnières: $19 ea

Custom Corsages: $29 ea

Custom Flower Girl Wand: $29 ea

Custom Centrepieces: starting at $49 ea,  pricing based on size and design