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Forever Flowers = Wood Flowers ♡

  We understand the stresses you’ll face as you plan your wedding. Predesigned into twelve different collections for your convenience, Sola Flowers Canada has your perfect wedding flowers planned already! Just submit your custom wedding colours and we will apply them to your chosen design, at no extra cost.  

  Looking for a custom order? We do that too! You will have full control of flower selection, fillers, handle wrap, embellishments, everything. A full design consultation will be included at no extra charge. 

  Bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements are now the easiest checkmark on the wedding to-do list!


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The Garden Boutique Collection


The Rustic Fairytale Collection


The Harvest Happiness Collection


The Tropical Splash Collection


The Bewitching BOHO Collection


The Precious Primavera Collection


The Succulicious Collection


The Cottage Woodland Collection


The Peony Paradise Collection


The Starlight Collection


The Captivating Cascade Bouquet & Whimsical Waterfall Collection


Other Stuff !


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So how does it work?

Sola Flowers Canada now offers an amazing variety of preset designs for your wedding arrangements. Flowers and greenery/filler are predetermined according to the design you choose upon ordering, although substitutions will be allowed with a small fee. No design consultation is necessary. Any element can be substituted for a $5 fee (per sub, flat rate across the order), and your custom wedding colours will be applied at no extra charge! *Substitutions must be equal or lesser value. Upgraded subs will incur an additional fee accordingly.

Limit three colours, plus ivory.

Too many changes! Can I order custom?

  Absolutely!  We understand that you might prefer a variety of flowers found in many different collections, combined greenery from different collections, even a very specific underskirt or handle. OKAY! Sola Flowers Canada is still committed to offering 100% custom orders, where you will get full control over flowers, filler, embellishments, handle wrap, everything. A design consultation is included in your price.

Five colours, plus ivory, are included in your custom order.

Have something very specific in mind? We can help.

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