The Captivating Cascade Bouquet & Whimsical Waterfall Collection



   While separated by name and style, one very traditional and one full of movement and fun; both arrangements include similar design elements meant to be coordinated together and complement each other for good reason. Generally only the bride will want a conventional cascading bouquet, where the flowers fall along with the greenery. The Captivating Cascade Bouquet asserts the most classic sense of this style, utilizing creeping English Ivy to accomplish the look, but with subtle curlicues of Ceropegia vines scattered throughout. The primary boutonnière follows this style with an unconventional cascade of his own; creeping English Ivy leaves trailing below the rose. It should be noted that this boutonnière specifically requires a lapel pin, instead of a wrapped stem.

  Commonplace wedding bouquets stick the bridesmaid with a plain bouquet next to the cascading bride, but why? … The Whimsical Waterfall Collection was designed to offer an innovative solution to this boring routine. Where the flowers are strictly contained within the crown of the bouquet, creeping English Ivy is curled over and above the flowers in a playful twist on tradition. Ceropegia vines skirt the flower crown, and while no flowers fall with it, these vines keep the bouquet active and fun with movement. Pictured here is the bridesmaid version of the Whimsical Waterfall collection, but if a non-traditional bride would like this unique design as her own, a larger version can be arranged. The secondary boutonnière is finished mostly with Ceropegia vines, adding only a couple of English Ivy leaves to coordinate. The corsage and wand both include features from each design, while the centrepiece takes the Whimsical Waterfall to new heights. A clear acrylic riser lifts the glass bowl, allowing the Ceropegia vines to fall onto your table setting, achieving an elaborate collaboration across your wedding party and décor arrangements.

Featured Design Elements

Filler/Greenery:  Creeping English Ivy, Ceropegia Vines

Main Flowers:  Rosie, Carnation, Bella, Peonini, Garden Rose

Accent Flowers:  Lily, Nina


Captivating Cascade:  $299

Whimsical Waterfall Bride : $199

Whimsical Waterfall Bridesmaid: $150 

Captivating Cascade (primary) Boutonnière: $25 

Whimsical Waterfall (secondary) Boutonnière : $15 

Wrist Corsage:  $22

Flower Girl Wand : $22

Elevated Whimsical Waterfall Centrepiece: $90